Southampton City Rollers

We Are SC*R

Southampton City Rollers are a women’s roller derby team based in Southampton, Hampshire, UK. Founded in March 2013, we’re still pretty fresh on the scene. Thanks goes to our wonderful friends at Dorset Roller Girls along with support from various other teams across the UK. If you require further information, please contact


A game played on either a flat track or banked track. Members of both teams wear quad skates and circle the track in packs. The pack for each team consists of a pivot and three blockers.


There is also a jammer for each team on the track who tries to score points by passing opposing blockers.   The blockers job is to keep the opposing jammer from getting through the pack and to assist their own jammer through.


Roller derby is a full contact sport, where players are encouraged to knock down their opponents by hitting them (also called blocking). Each league maintains their own rules of blocking.

SC*R in Action

SC*R Directors

Toxi Loxx

Managing Director at Southampton City Rollers and Marketing & Data Unicorn at Mercedes-Benz.


Managing Director at Southampton City Rollers and Creative Lead at MITIE NMS. Past: Trader Media Group - The Guardian

Apex Quim

Director & Head of Fundraising at Southampton City Rollers. Spitfire Taekwondo Academy